Thursday, February 5, 2015

5. Rehearsal Requires Patience

The second concert approached. Akiko showed up early with Rie and Takeo for rehearsal as usual. Toshiaki (bassist) and Kazuki (guitarist) came at 6 PM.


Akiko: "Tonight. We will finish it!"
She was fully motivated.

However, Kazuki was not quite ready yet.

Kazuki: "I'm fixing the strings, and tuning..."

Toshiaki rushed to him.

After a while, they finally finished what they were doing, and both stood at centerstage.

Akiko: "OK, let's begin Senbonzakura"

Kazuki didn't start. Akiko thought "Now what!?"

"You know"
"Which is better this sound or that sound?"
"I wanna use distortion a little bit more..."
"What? Volume is low. Hmm, why?"

Akiko and Rie were getting annoyed.

Akiko: "Hey, what are you doing!?"
Rie: "Workout those details later!"
Akiko: "You should have finished it before 6 o'clock!"

Meanwhile, Takeo is holding his drumsticks in both hands, pitifully on standby .

Finally rehearsal started. But suddenly, Kazuki stopped in the middle of it.

Kazuki: "The interlude, I like this tempo ♪~"

So, Takeo change the tempo.

Kazuki: "Yep, that's it"

Akiko: "Once again! Let's play from the top!"

They finished the first one despite trouble. And Kazuki started playing alone without the others.

Akiko and Rei grew more impatient.

Rie: "Kazuki, do it later!"
Akiko: "We haven't time!"

Now, Toshiaki's turn came to sing. However, Kazuki stopped again.

Kazuki: "I wanna change the tone, I'd like to buy soon" (buy what? Effects Unit?)

Toshiaki: "Buy it"

Kazuki (left) & Toshiaki (right)
Kazuki: "Terrace Mall music store didn't have it"

Toshiaki: "That store doesn't have much selection. You should go to Yokohama"

Kazuki: "Yokohama? Too far away"

Toshiaki: "Go to Machida"

Kazuki: "Too far"

Toshiaki: "If you say that! You couldn't go anywhereeee!"

Ah! Finally, Toshiaki got angry.

In spite of all the difficulties, finally they finished that night's rehearsal.

On the way home, Takeo told Akiko. "I almost snapped out"

The mental illness isn't wisdom delay. Some have outstanding abilities, work seriously, even graduate from university, and should feel some pride, However, due to a lack of communication skills, they have been rejected by others and could have been oppressed. When we are treated with respect, we are more likely to show respect. Helping mentally ill patients to communicate well with each other by complimenting their achievements. In turn, this builds confidence and helps them realize their presence is important in our society.

That is Akikso's challenge with SANKICHI BAND.

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