Friday, January 16, 2015

4. Rehearsal

Music Venue / Claja
The Sankichi Band has been approached about doing a second live performance. They have rehearsal once a week.

Rie (music therapist), Akiko (music instructor) and Takeo (drummer) arrived early to start practice. Two more members arrived after work with their instruments.

Toshiaki & Kazuki
Toshiaki (left) has been playing the Bass guitar for 6 years. He started playing when he was a student at university, and just recently joined this group . He appeared on stage to perform for the first time in two years. He also shared a very spirited, and challenging vocal as well.

Kazuki (right) started playing the guitar one year go. In the beginning, he practiced the classical guitar 8 hours a day. He still continues to practice the classics along with the Sankich Band music he has now added to his collection.

Toshiaki and Kazuki are about the same age. Toshiaki enjoys helping Kazuki when he is struggling with the guitar.

Takeo (Sneak Shot)

Today, people with mental disorders are not uncommon.
However, they are easily misunderstood. Being labeled lazy or weak because they have difficulties tolerating stress and struggle to hold onto a job.

Mental illnesses are not the result of personal weakness, lack of character or poor upbringing.

Some are very active and productive in our society. With understanding and support during recovery process, they could be respectable workers and enjoy what they to do. Promoting social and emotional well being improves the quality of life for everyone.

The Sankichi Band provides a place to perform their music and share their talents with their community. This also helps to fulfill a natural human need to know each one of us has a unique purpose in life.

The Band has several members. Even though their physical, mental or emotional conditions, sometimes prevent participation in rehearsal or practice, they have made great progress as a group.

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