Monday, March 16, 2015

7. Akiko's Hardship (concert-2)

Toshiaki played his favorite music "Lupin The Third 80". His rehearsal went very well.

Rehearsal without Kazuki

At the last minute, Kzuki finally showed up.

"Hurry!" Akiko grabbed off Kazuki's coat and bag, helping him get focused and prepared to play his guitar.

He still needed to connect the equipment he recently purchased. With Toshiaki's help, Kazuki completed the sound check.

Now, the time had come for the band members to stand in their positions ready to start. But Kazuki still wasn't ready yet.

After 10 minutes passed, the music therapist Rie said, "We need to start."
But, the cool opening "Senbonzakura" wasn't ready!

Akiko had to buy time, she took a microphone and talked for awhile.

At last, it was ready!


Then, Akiko found that something was not right with Kazuki.

"Stop!" Akiko shouted.

It seems Kazuki's guitar sound wasn't coming out. So, they had to check all the connections, re-adjust and start again.


On her way up to the stage, Akiko had been warming up, and didn't know her singing could be heard. Naturally, her singing measure shifted. Thanks to the drummer Yasunori, who provided a strong beat, Akiko continued singing to the end.

"...Oh, dear, sorry to shift" Akiko thought. However, the audience enjoyed it. Perhaps, they were not familiar with "Hatsune Miku" music "Senbonzakura". Their tempo is fast. If the audience was not used to it, they may not understand what they were singing about. (such as "The Beast")

Anyway...Akiko thought the troubles were over. The director, Dr. Miyoshi, made the opening remarks. Followed by the caseworker from Miyoshi Clinic, Mr. Hirose, introduced the band.

By the way, the MC's were both Mr. Hirose and Akiko. Shockingly, he was already "red-faced" (drunk?)

...Ah...Akiko realized tonight she had to MC by herself for the entire 2 hours.

"Well, Akiko," she thought to herself, "Let's do this!"

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