Saturday, December 6, 2014

2. Akiko

Akiko is a professional musician, and a volunteer who supports mentally ill patients in Japan.

 It also happens that she is one of the patients.


She conducts music class once a month for 90 minutes. Each class is divided into three sections:

  1. Picked one song up, and lecture about lyricist, composer and contents of the lyrics.
  2. Request. Sing together their favorite songs. (include Kayokyoku and J-pop)
  3. Practice the songs that are chosen to sing up on the stage during the "Welfare Festival" held in the fall each year.

The age range of most of the patients is between 20 - 50. Every patient with a mental disorder has a unique personalty and feelings. Akiko works to support the band and participants as much as possible in spite of her busy schedule.

Workshops such as painting, Japanese calligraphy, music, computer, sports, hiking, karaoke, flower arrangement are offered in this program to enable patients to re-enter society. These workshops are organized on a daily bases, so patients won't become further withdrawn.

Akiko plans to rehearse once a week for the upcoming Welfare Festival in Fujisawa, Japan.

Let's give her cheer! Great progress Akiko!

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